Boot Camp Testimonials

BIG GAY BOOT CAMP on the big gay pier! It’s almost comical, I agree. But I will tell you what’s not funny – my aching chest!!! Thanks Josh for a SICK workout this morning. Dragging my butt to the pier at 6am is starting to grow on me, for sure. I can’t believe how  much fun this boot camp stuff is though. My buddy Mike has been taking boot camp in LA for years and has been trying to convert me from the same old same old at the gym. FINE Mike, you were right. I do really love boot camp. GASP! Did I just say that out loud?!  No for real though, you guys have a fantastic program going here and I thank god that I found you on  Facebook!  PS- my abs are up to a FULL 4 PACK this week.  Look out bitchesss!!  Cheers - Jack

The camaraderie of the guys is what I didn’t expect , but came to adore about this program. When you go to the gym no one is there waiting for you/excited to see you/gives a s**t if you did 20 push ups or not.  The whole thing just works for me because the guys are cool we all push each other along.

I am not the fittest in the class but Josh and Laura never stop encouraging me to do my best (even though sometimes I am giving them the finger in my head.) All in all, I am coming back next month, it’s PRIDE WEEK for god sakes!  This year I will finally be able to take my shirt off  BEFORE I get drunk!!   JMT – NYC

When I signed up for this, I did not know what to expect as there was really no “overview” on what the program – that is probably for the better as it may give people hesitation to sign-up:)  But, I think it has exceeded my expectations as I did not know how rigorous the work-outs would be and they clearly challenge me head to toe. I’ve recently noticed that I am gaining strength in my legs.

I have to tell you that I like that I am seeing results – I did not expect miracles in two weeks/six sessions, but I do see it working. I was told the other day by a friend that I look really fit – I’ve got the total FI body for the beach (that is, if the sun ever decides to cancel out all of this rain!) There is no competition between the members of the class and everyone gets along well.   JT