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STIFF event at Bikram Yoga with Guy Spy and Gay Mens Boot Camp


The PRIMAL Workout at Gay Boot Camp

Get a HARD BODY, this type of training (and Luke as your coach) at Gay Mens Boot Camp in the West Village early mornings this summer. Next Boot Camp Session starts Monday 5/20!  West Village, NYC  9 spots left!      

Metabolic Core Conditioning (VIDEO)

  Packing on lean muscle and shedding fat not only makes you a more efficient athlete, but it also generates a highly chiseled core and upper body. Beyond the fundamentals of clean eating and consistent workouts, the factor that will have the biggest impact on RESULTS is the way in which you design your training…

Hybrid Strength Training for Runners

Why strength training is the secret weapon for performance and fat loss What improves running times?  More running? Hill workouts? Tempo runs? Upping your mileage and adding in different modes of run training absolutely should be an integral part of your routine whether you are prepping for an upcoming race or just your daily morning…

Gay Boot Camp to RELAUNCH April 2013!

You’ve spent an ENTIRE winter INDOORS in the dark spin studios and crowded gym under florescent lights. #SPRINGtraining is here! Come to the West Village for gay boot camp at “boy beach” starting 4/15/13  Torch about 800 calories with a bunch of sweaty guys on the Christopher Street Pier! New York just got a little…

Match Made in Gay Heaven

Calories per cone of BIG GAY ICE CREAM: 400 Calories burned per class of GAY BOOT CAMP: 800 Spending time with your ripped boyfriend licking ice cream on a hot summer day: Priceless. It’s a match made in GAY HEAVEN: (Love is in the air, it’s true. But it all started here with some fighting words….