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The 5 Minute Athlete Workout (video)

If you want to look like an athlete, you need to train like one. But NYC boys are busy, busy and busy. We all want to look hot but the thought of training 3 hours every day is insane. But lets face it, not many have this kind of time, besides we are here to…

STIFF event at Bikram Yoga with Guy Spy and Gay Mens Boot Camp


The PRIMAL Workout at Gay Boot Camp

Get a HARD BODY, this type of training (and Luke as your coach) at Gay Mens Boot Camp in the West Village early mornings this summer. Next Boot Camp Session starts Monday 5/20!  West Village, NYC  9 spots left!      

Metabolic Core Conditioning (VIDEO)

  Packing on lean muscle and shedding fat not only makes you a more efficient athlete, but it also generates a highly chiseled core and upper body. Beyond the fundamentals of clean eating and consistent workouts, the factor that will have the biggest impact on RESULTS is the way in which you design your training…

Gay Boot Camp featured in Time Out New York

  Check out what Time Out New York had to say about Gay Mens Boot Camp!  

Hybrid Strength Training for Runners

Why strength training is the secret weapon for performance and fat loss What improves running times?  More running? Hill workouts? Tempo runs? Upping your mileage and adding in different modes of run training absolutely should be an integral part of your routine whether you are prepping for an upcoming race or just your daily morning…

Food Is FUEL

What every lean person knows: FOOD is FUEL. It is not a pick me up after a bad day. It is not a reward for hard work. It is not an antidepressant. Change the way you use food and watch your relationship to it and your RESULTS improve almost instantly.   Be > Yesterday, Laura…

33 Ways to Drop 10 lbs

We’ve officially hit 90 degrees! I would say that the countdown to get your bod “SUMMER READY” is rapidly closing in! PRIDE is a few short days away and FIRE ISLAND is a callin! As you know by now, at Gay Mens Boot Camp we are 100% against quick fixes and last-minute weight loss cram-sessions….

Cheat to Lose (weight)

SCHEDULE a CHEAT MEAL 1x/week. (Yep, eat ANYTHING you want but always mind portions.) This strategy keeps you motivated to stick a clean eating plan, it CURBS CRAVINGS and is the best long term strategy for a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE rather than short term crash-diet DOOMED for failure. Now go out there and rock this week!…

Sleep, Sex and Abs

Think you already know the formula for getting in shape fast? Eat clean, work out every day, and avoid the bad stuff, right?  Think again.  If you are having trouble keeping off the lbs or you just hit a plateau in your workout routine, then you will want to wake up and listen up. Gay…