Metabolic Core Conditioning (VIDEO)


Packing on lean muscle and shedding fat not only makes you a more efficient athlete, but it also generates a highly chiseled core and upper body. Beyond the fundamentals of clean eating and consistent workouts, the factor that will have the biggest impact on RESULTS is the way in which you design your training program.

Metabolic Core Conditioning, a staple at Gay Mens Boot Camp, is the type of training that maximizes intense short duration and long duration work to rest combinations. By utilizing specific tempo (fast or slow) max intervals with carefully placed rest periods (short or long) you can generate quick results in a short amount of time.

The warm weather is just about here! If you are like most people, you realize that it’s almost time to be shirtless on a consistent basis!

Luke, your superlean coach at GMBC, made a quick video to show you how simple this type of training is to do with just your own body weight (exactly how we do it on the Christopher Street Pier in the mornings!)


1) Inverted Speed Mountain Climbers  (1 Minute)
Rotation Oblique Suspension Kicks (1 Minute)

1 min Rest

2) Slow Side Plank Reach-Unders + Hip Drive (30 Seconds)
Rapid Plank-Up-Downs (30 seconds)


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