Hybrid Strength Training for Runners

Why strength training is the secret weapon for performance and fat loss

What improves running times?  More running? Hill workouts? Tempo runs?

Upping your mileage and adding in different modes of run training absolutely should be an integral part of your routine whether you are prepping for an upcoming race or just your daily morning run. However,  there is one key element that is often missing from the average runner’s workout program. And that my friends is strength training.

So why exactly is STRENGTH TRAINING a runner’s “secret weapon?”

I)  Strength training will help shed off the last layer of ab flab
Strength Training for Runners
Pushing towards your muscle’s limits via weights, interval-based circuits and explosive movements (plyometrics) are superior ways to ignite your metabolism into a highly efficient fat-burning-furnace.   The “after burn” effect generated from this type of training allows you to reap benefits of metabolic overdrive both during the workout AND for the rest of the entire day.

Now even though aerobic activity (IE running)  does offer a high calorie burn during the workout itself, the results unfortunately end once your feet stop pounding the pavement.   SUMMATION: Strength training is more effective for fat loss than cardio/running alone or diet alone. PERIOD!


2) Strength training will make you run faster and farther 
luke marathon training

With the proper strength training routine, such as the one honed and perfected in Gay Mens Boot Camp, the body becomes more efficient at using oxygen.  Its called “running economy” and it is THE buzz word in the most recent research measuring the effects of strengthening for runners.

Running economy is the same concept as fuel economy for your car. The farther you can go on less fuel (oxygen) the more efficient you will be! Runners that consistently add strength training to their routine show improved running economy which translates to shaving seconds if not minutes off their mile pace. You can’t argue with that SMART science!

“The more you incorporate plyometrics and weight training, the less mileage you will have to put on your body since running performance will increase with less effort! That’s reason enough for me!” says Luke Lombardo, GMBC coach and 7-time marathon competitor.

3) Strength training helps prevent against injury!

The majority of running injuries are sustained when mileage is increased before adaptation can take place leading to excess wear and tear on the connective tissue, soft tissue and joints.  Most injuries that cause weeks and months on the sidelines are very preventable. “The right strengthening program of the core, hip and lower extremities provide preventative “guarding” against injury by increasing your body’s ability to withstand the pounding. In addition, strength work allows integration of proper movement mechanics which translates to more efficient running patterns and less injury.” says Laura Miranda, Licensed Physical Therapist and founder of GMBC.


So there you have it! Looking to take some time off your next race or want to shed a few extra pounds, then the proper strength training is where it’s at!

Not sure how to do it?

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