Tight Asses Are BAD

Well, they are bad when it comes to flexibility, that is.

Living in NYC gives “busy” a whole new meaning. After an hour long workout who the hell feels like spending MORE time on the damn stretch, right?

I feel you. But guys let me remind you that…. “long and lean” no longer refers to those who have been up for days.



Adding a few simple stretches to your daily grind can, over time, really change the shape, look and FEEL of your musculature.

CHECK OUT THIS FREE flexibility routine that I give to all of my clients.

Print it out and take it to the gym with you, or you can save it to your blackberry/iPhone and view wherever you are. While waiting for the  subway stop and stretch those hammies. Whatever! Just make it a part of your daily routine.

PS- here’s a quick VIDEO of one of THE BEST stretches for the BUTT, watch it now.

PPS- of you missed the free  Fire Island Abs workout get it here>>> http://gaymensbootcamp.wordpress.com/2009/04/12/fire-island-abs-in-4-weeks/

UNTIL next time…

Your Body Transformation Expert,  
Laura Miranda

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