Editor of Edge ENLISTS in Gay Boot Camp

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GAY Boot Camp: Your Intrepid Editor Enlists
by Steve Weinstein
EDGE Editor-In-Chief
Sunday Apr 19,

pullupsWhen I got the email about Gay Boot Camp, I admit I was intrigued. Here was a program that guaranteed. As a veteran of gym-going since the mid-’80s, I confess to a bit of gym burnout.

It’s not that I go to the gym and just lift weights, or even lift weights and go on a cardio machine. I have what by any standard would be a varied workout. I have regularly taken spin, yoga, step, cardio, “urban rebouding” (trampoline), kick-boxing, and stretching classes. Among others.

But trudging to the gym gets tiring day after day–especially after 20 years! And, although I’m not as hopeless about my appearance as the average gay man, Read the rest of the article here…

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